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Paul Mattix

Paul Mattix

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01/09/09 01:56 AM #1    

Tim Jablonski

One of the funnest guys I have ever had the pleasure to hangout with. Great sense of humor. We worked to gether at Sears Automotive at Montgomery Mall and a work day seemed like an hour because he made it so much fun. Tim

01/20/09 11:53 AM #2    

Mary Beth Gouled (Lewis)

Oh my goodness. This is such a shock. Paul, Joe and I used to hang out all the time. He was one of my real 'buds' in school. Does anyone know the details of his death? When I think of high school I think of Paul. We experienced so much together.

01/20/09 08:26 PM #3    

Slaton White

Paul had an early bout with cancer in his late 30s. Beat it, but it returned with a vengeance 15 years later. He was a brilliant copy editor at the Baltimore Sun, and I treasure his phone calls and letters over the years. Absolutely one of the fastest wits I've ever encountered, and if you wanted to see a real show you stood aside as he, Joe Mullan and Bruce Duffy went at it. No prisoners taken.
It was he who encouraged me to go back to school to get a journalism degree and I worked with him at the diamondback at U of M. He was highly respected there, both for his copy-editing ability and his laser wit. His colleagues at the Sun felt the same way.

12/08/10 11:30 PM #4    

Doug Redding

Wow, Paul is gone, that is a huge bummer.  He and I were close buds at Kensington Junior High but had drifted apart by the time we got to WJ.  I have many memories of him from the KJH years.  A few are (1) playing guitars together at his house, we worked up a great rendition - complete with harmonies - of the Stones' "Mother's Little Helper", (2) one time in a class he was caught chewing gum and the teacher told him to throw it out, his reply to the teacher "Surely you jest", and (3) one time in Mr. German's history class a student gave a brief presentation, Mr. German said it was very good, Paul said joking "I thought it was terrible", Mr. German heard him and shouted - I mean SHOUTED as loud as he could - "MATTIX ... SHUT UP!!"  I guess Mr. German was having a bad day.  But it was just Paul being Paul of course.  Always wanting to have a good time.  He was a great, fun guy to be with.

07/12/17 01:56 PM #5    

Chris May (Hicks)

I sat behind Paul in senior English and we'd laugh to the brink of peeing ourselves!  I got thrown into the hall often!  I ran into Paul years later to discover he'd worked on a salvage rig looking for treasures in the sea!  Who knew he'd be such an adventurer.  Our class was overwhelmingly large, but there were so many gifted wonderful people.  In hindsight, I wish I had been wise enough to get to know some classmates better!  Paul was one of these.

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