WJ Musicals

  1. Click the picture of the record below that you want hear to get to the sound file.
  2. If you can't read the label, press [cmd] + (Mac) or [Ctrl] + (PC) to enlarge it. You can do this several times if you need to.
  3. To listen, click the Play button    in the lower left under the sound bars.
  4. To download and save the sound file, press the Download button  on the top right of the sound page and it will be saved in your Downloads folder (unless you have instructed your browser to store downloads elsewhere).






If you'd like to view the full program for the "Half a Six Pence" Spring Musical of 1968, click here to view the Encore page.

To view Coffeehouse and Half a Sixpence related photos in the Yearbook at pages 23,24,25, and 26 click here.