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Ellen G. Platt

Ellen G. Platt

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01/02/09 11:26 AM #1    

Erica Goldstein (Marshall)

You were a truly beautiful person both inside and out.

11/07/11 09:53 PM #2    

Michael Loughran

This part on our Class of '69 site sucks. God, Ellen - we didn't hang out that much, but I sure as heck remember YOU - as much as my teen-age boy memories will conjure up a girl I probably never had the nerve to - or was too shy to - ask out, or get to know better. It's like looking up in the sky and noticing that there's a star missing from the night before. I don't even know how you died or when you left us, but I hope that it ... well, I just said a prayer for you. Sorry to see you go. This site sucks.

08/05/22 12:59 PM #3    

Mary Saloschin (Hubbard)

Thanks for this, Sally, it's good to know what happened. She was such a warm young woman, always a smile for everyone.

08/06/22 03:02 PM #4    

Dorothy Parker

Ditto to what Mary said.  I didn't know her well, but I remember her warm smile.

08/07/22 10:59 AM #5    

Sue Levitan

Just to correct the record on Ellen Platt's passing...she died decades ago of breast cancer and left behind a husband, Charlie Hudson, and two children, Ian and Jennifer. She was also survived by two brothers, Marc and Douglas. Douglas, the youngest, was involved in a tragic automobile accident that left him disabled for years, until his death in 2018 at the age of 61. Her mother, Mildred passed in 2003.

08/07/22 06:00 PM #6    

Paula Forrest

I just read Sue Levitan's comment.  Although I did not really know Ellen very well, I remember her distinctly.  Years ago, I had heard she tragically died of breast cancer.  When I read the earlier comments about an automobile accident, I just assumed that I was incorrect.  But the tragedy is compounded learning that was, indeed,  an terrible automobile accident that was so debilitating to her brother.  


08/08/22 10:26 AM #7    

Sally Newman



I apologize for any confusion relating to my post that Ellen Platt died in a car accident around December of 1970. I have since confirmed with others that my memories as stated in the post are clearly not for the same person (thank you, Ben and Sue). 


I had carried these memories around for 52 years and must now realize that, although vivid and true to my knowledge, the memories confused the identify of the person in the accident. Again, I sincerely regret any inconvienience caused by the inicorrect post.  


08/08/22 10:01 PM #8    

Jim Cogliano

I believe it was Carolyn Wheeler who died in a car accident in the fall of 1970. It's sad to realize that too many are no longer with us.

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