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Tammy Jacobs (Bell)

Tammy Jacobs (Bell)

Tammy died on July 29, 2010, after a valiant, courageous battle with cancer, which she waged with charactertic strength and good humor.  She is survived by her best friend and husband Dennis Bell, and two sons, Chase (21) and Ross (20).  She also has two surviving brothers, Doug (California) and Jeremy (Rockville). Tammy's family's address is 1249 Highway 36 E, Barnesville, Georgia, 30204.

Donations in her name can be made to "The Hope Lodge", 1552 Shoup Court, Decatur, Georgia, 30033-4607 (Phone: 404-327-9200). This organization is affiliated with the American Cancer Society and provided assistance to Tammy during her illness.

A link to her profile can be found below.  Tammy provided us with a wonderful account of her very full life.

An informal celebration of Tammy's life (aka "Tammypalooza" is scheduled for Saturday, October 16th starting at 2 pm at her husband Dennis' house at the address above in Barnesville Georgia. It will be informal with plenty of food, music, etc. For more information or to RSVP, please contact Debbie Jacobs at 301-251-1872 (home) or at or her brother Jeremy at

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07/30/10 05:24 PM #1    

Betsy Berlin

I was not smart enough or fortunate enough to have befriended Tammy in high school, but I did have the good fortune to discover her during the planning of the 40th reunion of our class. Clearly, she was an exceptional person of great strength, depth, warmth, heart, and humor, deeply loved and admired by many, many others. And I know she knew it, because people made it so clear. You can tell she lived a good life, helped so many, and savored every minute. That girl knew how to live!

07/30/10 07:04 PM #2    

Jim Cogliano

Tammy was my friend through orchestra and through all those nerdy advanced classes.  Always enjoyed seeing her at reunions and hoped she'd be attending.  I admired that she could've had a high-powered legal career after graduating Harvard, yet she used her talents as a country lawyer and pillar of a community that most of us have never experienced ... Tammy is loved, and she will be missed.

08/03/10 06:05 PM #3    

Mike Driscoll

I met Tammy my senior year at W.J. and she sort of took me under her wing and introduced me to her family, who for reasons known only to themselves "adopted" a mutt like me and treated me like one of ther own. As college rolled around we got closer and I visited her at Michigan several times and always had a blast. When she got sick forty years ago,the doctors told her parents she only had 6 months to live. She proved them all wrong! She went through the surgery and the extensive reconstruction and I never heard her complain. She wasn't into self pit then or now. After that she lived her life to the fullest, treating each new day like it was a gift,like tomorrow wasn't promised to her. Recently when her doctors in Texas told her to go home and contact the local hospice Because as she put it 'They gave up on me". She told me she was going to persue more treatment options because she felt too much like herself to give up at that point. She was a fighter without an ounce of quit in her. When I spoke to her just before her birthday she told me her goal was to make it to her husband's birthday on the 29th of July and that's exactly what she did! Yesterday is History. Tomorrow is a Mystery. All we have is today. That why it's called " The Present" .Treat it like the gift it is. That's one of the things I learned from Tammy. Another thing I learned is sometimes you have to live like like you were dying. It was my privilege to have known her all these years. She is missed but I wil never forget her spirit, courage, humor, wit and compassion. I am forever changed by knowing her and her family,all for the better. Rest in peace Tammy.  You are gone but no one whoever knew you will ever forget you or the way you lived your amazing life




08/09/10 03:08 PM #4    

Marge Sherline (Meredith)

Dear Tammy - what an inspiration youa re to all of us!  I feel so fortunate to have been friends with you during our school years, and to have become reaquainted during this past year. . .Really regret not getting to see you again. . .Rest in Peace and Lovliness.

08/10/10 12:02 PM #5    

Scott Montgomery

 I didn't know Tammy well, but on the Pitch, particularly when we went to press, she was a force of destiny, perfectionism, and humor all at once.  Reading her wonderful profile, it reminds me again that the world doesn't always turn because of those who are famous, whose lives are surrounded by neon, but instead because of those who do good and make things happen in daylight, year after year.  The Earth always gets a little smaller with the passing of someone like Tammy.  As much as she will be missed, I'm sure she will be remembered. 

09/14/10 10:35 PM #6    

Cristina Finney (Cassidy)

Tammy and I were in orchestra together and a few classes. What i remember most is how often she smiled.  She always had a word of encouragment for me.  I always felt as if I were in the presence of an old soul when I was around her.  She was definitely academically wise beyond her years, but as I watched her struggle with cancer the past couple of years on FB I realize how emotionally mature she was, too.  Thank you, Tammy for having graced our lives with your own.

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