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Carolyn T. Wheeler

Carolyn T. Wheeler

Carolyn died in September, 1970, as a result of a car accident on the Beltway on her way home from the University of Maryland.

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01/29/09 12:00 AM #1    

Tom Pohlman

-I remember re-meeting Carolyn, when she began to attend Univ. of Maryland @ College Park. Everyone knows that she was always one of the friendliest & most "alive" kids at WJ. But when I saw her on Campus at Maryland, she seemed to have "graduated". She was truly radiant. I believe that was about a week before she died, in a car wreck.
-I've always thought that somehow she was ready, in a way that most of us can't even see. She will be missed!

02/20/09 09:55 PM #2    

Cristina Finney (Cassidy)

I have never forgotten Carolyn. Whenever I hear "Fire and Rain" by James Taylor, I think of her. What a wonderful person, so full of life and love.

03/01/09 10:16 PM #3    

Elaine Orr

Carolyn's death may have saved some lives. I heard it was a drunk driver who killed her. Probably 50 times I have told friends not to drive, they've said they didn't have that much, and I've told them how wonderful Carolyn was. Sophomore year I sometimes felt like a fish out of water at WJ, and here she was, popular and later a cheerleader, and she always said hello with such a pretty smile.

03/18/09 10:33 PM #4    

Neil McNamara

My recollection is that Carolyn died in a single-car accident, in mid-afternoon, on the Beltway. It was our freshman year of college. She was at the University of Maryland and was getting a ride home with another girl. They were on the outer loop, they had passed Georgia Avenue, and they were approaching the Mormon Temple where the Beltway breaks sharply to the left.

The driver lost control of the car (I think it may have been raining that day) and crashed into the pillar supporting the last overpass before the Mormon Temple.

I recall that one of the girls died at the scene, the other at the hospital shortly afterward. I heard about the accident on the radio that same day. I found out later that Carolyn was in the car that crashed. How awful! She was one of the nicest people I've ever met.

04/01/09 05:54 PM #5    

Maureen McKay (Gidding)

Neil's recollection is correct. The other girl in the car was a neighbor of mine named Jeannie Farstead. I think of them whenever I pass the Mormon temple. Jean was a year or two older and the 2 girls carpooled to Maryland. It seems that everyone had the same feelings about Carolyn W..just a very good person.

06/03/09 10:27 AM #6    

Linda Ligon (Rodgers)

Driving that section of the Beltway has forever changed for me. I loved Carolyn. She was popular yet sweet to everyone. I never ever forget people like that. She was genuine and an act to follow in life.

06/04/09 08:12 PM #7    

Becky Berry (Creswell)

Like everyone else, I remember Carolyn as such a warm, friendly person in high school.

I reconnected with her after transferring to University of Maryland my sophomore year. One of my last memories was of
a "girls night" at Carolyn's apartment... baking chocolate chip cookies and crashing overnight on her living room floor.

Shortly after that, a friend on my dorm floor who also knew Carolyn told me she had heard about the accident on the radio. I immediately called Sara's (Wooddell Coe)house and Sara's mother told me it was true, but that Sara was okay.

Carolyn's mother was an amazing woman who cherished the cards and messages from Carolyn's friends and went out of her way to stay in touch. She felt Carolyn lived on inside each of us. Since we all remember her so lovingly, I think she was right.

04/02/14 07:02 AM #8    

Liz Goldsmith (Palmer)

Carolyn has a  terrific smile for everyone and knew everyone's name. i was Not close to her since I never shared a class with her. But I really believe that only the good die young. A pity. SO much potential.

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