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Don Krichmar

Don Krichmar

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01/02/09 11:28 AM #1    

Erica Goldstein (Marshall)

I have no doubt you're still misbehaving and enjoying every minute of it.

01/05/09 06:41 AM #2    

Chris Colao (Ellison)

I remember Don as having one of the biggest smiles in the world! He walked slowly, but had a quick wit. His laugh was so infectious that it got everyone around him laughing, too. Sending a shout out to you, Donald!

01/20/09 08:08 PM #3    

Susan Thompson

Hey, Donald!!
What are you up to now? You are still sorely missed, but in a way that puts a smile on peoples' faces. We knew each other for SO long--starting in the neighborhood before we went to Larchmont, then Kensington Jr. High, then WJ. You were a truly nice guy with an infectious sense of humour. Shout out to you, man.

Sue Thompson

03/10/09 02:34 AM #4    

Paula Forrest

Donald and I were actually engaged when we were about 5 years old! I still remember the "ruby" ring, straight out of a bubble gum machine. I have a fabulous picture of him from first grade. I lived down the street and as the years went on -- 2nd grade, 3rd grade -- we shared a lot of bike rides and little secrets -- who had a crush on whom, etc. In 6th grade we were friendly rivals in the spelling bees.

We definitely ran in different crowds as we got into high school years, but a fondness always remained. In later years, our parents became good friends, and so I continued to see Don at his parents' Christmas parties as we became young adults. The last time I saw him was in December 1979(?). We chatted until 4 in the morning, in his parents' living room. Mostly, we talked about memories from elementary school and junior high -- his playing trumpet in the Brijuana Tass (yes, that's right), and things like that. But he also caught me up about his current doings. I still remember the conversation vividly.

But then, a few months later, he was gone. I don't remember seeing any classmates at the memorial service, though you may have been there. At the end, they played "Doin' It My Way" -- which was so very fitting.

I'm still friends with the family. Our fathers (both around 90, or close to it), still have lunches together in Kensington.

And I still miss Don a lot.

Paula Forrest

09/24/09 03:00 PM #5    

Kristie Zinberg

I think Donald and I growing up through elementary school were in every class together. He always made me smile, giggle or howl with laughter and always got me into trouble with the teacher. The smartest kid and the best of clowns. I so adored him and he will remain in my heart forever.

03/05/12 12:41 PM #6    

Chris May (Hicks)

Year later we know that Don's wit and charm were pluses and not something to be stiffled.  I remember his parents wanting him in military school to channel his energy.  What a loss.  Today that child would be encourage to expand beyond the "normal" perimeters of a classroom.  All he needed was a challenge and permission to be himself.  What a loss to us all.

11/27/12 01:25 AM #7    

Horacio Fourzan

Don was my first friend when I arrived to live in the US; We lived in Kinston Rd; right at the foot of KJHS's hill, a house away from each other. If there is something that makes my remember him is when I strum the guitat for He was who tought the essentials of the instrument, specially when ever I dare to play "the house of the rising sun". I can still hear him say "don't give up, some day you will get a good sound out of it" and then laughed his heart out!!  I owe him the fact that I still have not given up on the guitar, and I am sure that wherever He might be now and happens to hear me still trying to get a good sound out of the guitar, He will surely say the same thing and will encourage me not to give up.

Don I have not given up and will not, thank for encouraging me when we were just kids,  neither of us gave up at the moment!!


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